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Now I see your heart’s been taken, and nothing could be worse… x

I’m Baaaack

Hello Tumblr World! I’ve spent the last couple nights going through old posts and reminiscing on the days when Tumblr was my life.  Ah, good times. All the embarrassing fangirling, late night rants, and unfinished fanfictions. Oh, how the times have changed hahaha. Since I’m currently home for summer, and bored out of my mind I might add, I thought I might as well get back on here for entertainment. So with that said, it’s nice to be back :)


Tumblr is basically like a big sleepover:

  • Everyone comes together and is probably in pajamas
  • People talk about stuff they wouldn’t outside of the group
  • People talk about crushes, celebrities, or media they love
  • Watching youtube videos
  • people sobbing about random crap late at night
  • there is no adult supervision
  • no one sleeps



…. this bitch has a legit tv in her car!

One of my favorite movies <3

i dont ship…i yacht. im not a low budget bitch

Worst feelings in the world



  • Failing a test you studied really hard for
  • Getting replaced in a friendship
  • Getting ignored 
  • Having something that you’re looking forward to, get cancelled
  • Having to fight back tears in front of people
  • Finding out that the person you like, likes someone else
  • Goodbyes
  • Showing your parents something you’re proud of only to get a disinterested reply

That last one always breaks my heart.

Got to meet @nellielisabeth, @therealabraham, @lilymaeh, and @tywrent at UCI’s ACYD Benefit Talent Show 😍 #uci #thegleeproject #tgp #seasontwo #soexcited #fangirlmode

Got to meet @nellielisabeth, @therealabraham, @lilymaeh, and @tywrent at UCI’s ACYD Benefit Talent Show 😍 #uci #thegleeproject #tgp #seasontwo #soexcited #fangirlmode


Abraham is coming to my school on Friday to judge a charity talent show and my dance team is the opening act. 

Can I please just meet him? Can that be a thing?